We have worked with many computer hardware centric companies like Palit, Zotac, Noctua, Arctic, XFX, Nanoxia, Anidees & Reeven to name a select few.​

If you are a business and have an exciting piece of Computer Hardware you wish us to review on the channel please do contact Darcey! Email Address on the Contact page. 


Here at Dans Tech we understand that the way people consume media has changed, and therefore we provide video reviews of computer hardware, opposed to written reviews.

We publish our professional reviews on YouTube in hope that they'll allow people to make better purchasing decisions and also help manufacturers to sell their products. We strive to provide honest factual high quality content, while not taking it too seriously and been honest about any product flaws, which in turn, allow hardware manufacturers to improve their products.

As well as reviewing the many pieces of computer hardware on the channel, we have taken on board the viewers suggestions to deliver many original pieces of content such as the monthly Subscriber Q&A Videos, and the Full Gaming PC Build Guides that are posted two to three times a year depending on the amount of hardware we get in for review. You can find the Late 2015, Early 2016, and Late 2016 Gaming PC Build Guides by clicking the links at the top of the page.

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