Daniel Antcliffe; MD & Host


Hi there I'm Daniel, I am currently the Host, Writer, Hardware Tester & Video Editor here at Dans Tech. I have recently left the University of Hull, after studying only a single year of computer science, I now have a lot more time managing the channel and reviewing more hardware products while a full time computer tech in a nearby town. And couldn't be happier! This really has become a dream come true and really enjoy working on the channel and expanding the following.

Dans Tech has recently reverted to just consisting of myself, however in the past I have had members to write scripts, and to manage the contracts with many companies. I have made this decision, so that the content put out on to the channel is more focused on my own personal opinions of both products and the companies, and mainly so that I have full control of which companies I work with.

In the future, I hope to hire a video editor/camera operator. If you're a company with an exciting piece of computer hardware, or related tech do be sure to me an email.