Product Review Policy


Dans Tech has become a popular computer hardware review channel, and has assisted many large manufacturers in reviewing their products. By reviewing content, it not only keeps us in business, but can massively assist a company in selling fantastic products that may not get exposure. As we have already stated on the homepage, the way people consume media has really changed, people no longer want to read written reviews when they can watch product review videos, and can see the product in action!

The type of the products we review include all kinds of computer hardware, this includes Graphics Cards, Processors, Graphics Card Coolers, Processor Coolers, Computer Cases, Computer Mice, Mechanical Keyboards, Solid State Drives, Gaming Monitors, Fan Controllers, NAS Servers & RAID Storage Systems.

We have recently started accepting samples for Smartphones, Tablets, Headphones, Gaming Headsets, Speaker Systems & CCTV Systems, as long as they are of the higher end.

How To Request A Review

To request a review send an email to and be sure to state your full name, the company you represent, the product or products in question, and why you would want us to review such product. You should get a response within 1 working day.

Review Process

Once we receive the product, we will update you if requested, and should post the review within 2 to 3 weeks, however can be longer because of the nature of the testing involved, or if we have many more products in queue. We tend to be busier during the summer break, July & August and nearer the end of the year, November & December. During these times, review times can be as long as 4 weeks long due to the smaller nature of the channel.

As for the review video, we create purely unbiased reviews and no cash payment will be accepted or will the amount of products sent over alter the such positivity of said review. Although we find most of the products we receive to be fantastic, we will highlight any flaws the product has if any for the price, do be aware of this before sending out a unit.

Also we will notify you once the review is live and will share to social media tagging your main company twitter and facebook pages. We may contact you before this time if we encounter any problems with the product, for example, if its faulty or DOA. We would expect a swift replacement, if this is not possible we will continue the review on the planned date and will mention such defects of the products received in the video review. If the product does not work, we will not publish a review.

Product Returns

We have found many manufacturers prefer to send out loaner units for expensive items, for example a £300 Graphics Card, and want such products returning, to be sent out to other reviewers etc. This is perfectly fine, however we ask that the manufacturer or the agent in question arranges the collection of such product at their expense. We will not be returning any products however, and will only accept collections from you. If you allow us to keep review units/products, they will most likely be showcased in future Gaming PC Build Guides, or in comparisons later down the line adding further product exposure and value!

Other Notes

At this time we are unable to accept review units of products worth less than …. We have found our audience is not generally interested in the lower end market when it comes to computer hardware products and are interested in spending a fair amount on good quality, solid hardware. For this reason we do regularly decline many review requests from smaller companies.

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Updated October 2016