Daniel Antcliffe; MD & Host

Current Team

Dans Tech currently consists of three members. In the future, we hope to hire a Video Editor & Script Writer.

Dan Antcliffe, 20, Hull, UK.

Currently studying at the University of Hull, Dan is a second year Computer Science Student, and is the current 'Man In Charge', Host, Writer & Video Editor here at Dans Tech. Dans Tech is still a side project for even Dan, however we all really see great potential in the YouTube channel with the recent rise in popularity. If it really picks up in 2016 it could become the full time career very soon. This realistically higher production value and a higher frequency of the review videos.

Darc Stow, 21, Leeds, UK

Currently a third year student at the University of Leeds studying Business, Darcey is the main contact regarding cooperation with companies for review units and possible sponsorships. Darc also keeps tabs on many categories of the financials for the business. If you're a company with an exciting piece of computer hardware, or related tech do be sure to drop Darcey an email.

Ben McKenzie, 20, Hull, UK

Currently a second year Computer Science student at the University of Hull, Ben occasionally writes the scripts for many technical products. In the past, this has included CPU coolers and computer cases.